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Would anyone watch an MCPE gameshow inspired by the Noxcrew gameshow?

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by Fluffyrox4, May 22, 2017.

  1. Yes we are building it sometime. There are just a few more other ideas that I want to make first, and then I'l make the pacman one, but i'll definitely make it.
  2. Actually, what would help a TON, is if you could potentially come up with a prototype of the capture the flag map? It would help a ton, and whether you want to make it in Minecraft itself or just draw a picture or something, if you can come up with a good layout for the map we'll use it and it'll save me tons of time.

    Tell me if you're up for this or not. It's fine if you aren't. :)
  3. New update video arriving in less than a week! I've got tons of stuff to reveal AND,


    I have a new logo for the gameshow that looks a ton cleaner than the old one and I need you guys to vote!

    See you then!
  4. This post is ripped straight from the post on the UltiMiner fourums, found here: http://ultiminer.forumotion.com/t8-major-update-what-s-with-the-hiatus-update-5#15

    Finally, after over 2 months of nothing, he next major update is ready for you to watch!

    We've got tons of stuff to reveal to you guys... is what I wish I could say. Since the last update massive progress has been made on the gameshow, BUT we cannot show a lot of it to you, mainly, the entrance.

    Much like the Noxcrew Gameshow (which we don't mean to rip-off so much, we just do stuff and THEN notice how much it seems like straight up copying), we wanted to give contestants something that only they really get to see. The entrance is for that. It's basically a huge walk-through area that contestants are escorted through, which also helps them feel more welcomed.

    The main attraction of the update however, is the game! The game is called "Hockey Schtik", and is essentially your simple game of hovkey gone mad! While you're playing the game anything can and will happen to make things a bit... crazier. Watch the video for more information.

    Next, the eliminations are being worked on a little bit, but we still need more suggestions, so get on it people!

    The next game is going to be a construction site themed deathrun game (maybe), and we need obstacles! If you have ideas, please tell us, and we might just use them.

    Finally, we want to make a space themed capture the flag, and we're looking for someone to make the map for us! Draw it up or build it, we don't mind, but if you can create a space themed capture the flag map, I'd be ever so grateful!

    Anyway, so that es it for updates! Be sure to watch the video, and if you have any questions, post them below!


  5. If anyone is still paying attention to this thread, do you think I should convert the gameshow to Java, or keep it on Win10 / MCPE?
  6. Well, I feel that putting it on Java might be easier to get players especially with discord, but it doesn't really need to switch

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