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Who is that orange Helper bot?

Discussion in 'Community Introductions' started by DangerZachattack on MC, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. [​IMG]
    Lets start at the beginning... I Am Dangerzachattack, but just call me Zach. I have been a fan of the Noxcrew since ep 4 of the pilot season. It was just looking up videos of AntVenom that allowed me to find this community. I joined as a member of Patron from June of 2018 to today. Since day one, I've had ambitious plans, but this one takes the cake.
    Some questions i should answer now:
    1. Where did you find that helper bot skin?
      • I made it. I took footage of blue helper bot and pixel by pixel, i recreated the skin. but the problem i ran into was skin transparency. Minecraft does NOT like transparent skins. so i build the body myself to be mechanical. the A-5 Survival variant was special made for the Noxcrew Game show Survival Role play server. (Fun Fact: I Plan on using the skin somewhere else, and i even made a 64 x 64 pixel version of the face plate that is now my icon on the internet.)
    2. What are your plans here?
      • I am currently in the works of one of the largest Minecraft solo modded builds in 1.7.10. it involves a Noxcrew project that hasn't seen much action since 2017. I call it "Project MNGS". I Cant Explain it all here, but i will have a form HERE.
    3. What Version of Minecraft do you have?
      • I only have 1 variant of Minecraft, Java Edition
    4. Where do you live in the World?
      • I Live in New York State in the United States. Yes, i live in a cold state. and What ever you hear, WE DO NOT GET 16 INCHES OF SNOW DAILY HERE! Its actually a really popular state in the summer time as its not so hot here, but winter, I hope you got a jacket.
    5. Do you have any resource packs you use?
    • I use my own Custom Resource pack. I call it the A-5 Hud pack. I might make it available
      one day...
    • 6. Got any other profiles?
    • Actually i do. I got a Steam Profile and a YouTube channel that i haven't been able to upload anything yet. Check me on steam if you want to know what im playing (Most likely be TF2)
    I Hope to stay in the community for a while longer!

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