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We're Hiring: Full Time Creative Builder

Discussion in 'News and Information' started by LaurenJuliet, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone!

    Today I have the exceedingly exciting job of announcing that we’re opening applications for full time Creative Builders within the Noxcrew.

    We are seeking a member of the Minecraft community who is interested in becoming a part of our hard working and passionate team to help create content for the Minecraft Marketplace. As a part of the Noxcrew, you will be involved in all aspects of the development process; from planning and building to testing, marketing and supporting the content, helping us to deliver unique and enjoyable content to the Marketplace.

    Ideal candidates will have extensive experience of creative building in Minecraft (working either independently or as part of a team), a strong work ethic and exceptional attention to detail.

    This is a paid position. Contract terms will be discussed at the time of the job offer. Applications will be open until the end of day, October 4th 2017.

    If you think you have what it takes and would like to know more, please click the link below where you will find the application form, along with a full breakdown of skills, requirements and duties.

    If you’re excited about the opportunity but don’t yet have the necessary skills or experience to apply, get involved with our community over on our Discord server!

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  2. Quick question with the survey.

    When it says-

    -Minecraft Java Edition
    -Minecraft win10 edition

    Does that mean I need both of them, or just one? I assume it's both. I don't actually have Win10 edition but I do have Pocket Edition on my pretty well running tablet. Would this be fine, or is Win10 NECESSARY?
  3. Yes, we work on both platforms, so both would be required.
  4. What about if I have pocket edition? It's the exact same thing as windows 10 just on mobile.
  5. It is very much required to have the required versions. While Pocket and W10 run the same Bedrock Engine, you don't have the same ability to access data on a tablet as you would on a PC.
  6. Hi there!

    As someone who is very interested in this role do you have a rough timescale as to when you are likely to respond to any applicants (successful or otherwise)? I understand that you've likely had a crazy number of respondents, so I would understand if this is not possible but would be grateful to have an idea :).

  7. I don't want to be naggy or try to seem like I know everything, but what kind of data will you need to access? On android devices like the one I have you actually have really good access to the files and it's also a lot easier to edit text files than it is on IOS. If need be I could also hook it up to a normal pc that doesn't run win10 and access files there. I dunno if this is sufficient or not though.
  8. E-mails were supposed to get sent out today, but then things... happened, we'll just leave it at that. Soon TM.
  9. Downloading/updating of multiple resource and behavior packs, and it's not unusual to have 10+ to apply daily. We also use special tools and features that are under NDA and only available for W10 PC. Our data all syncs through GDrive and Git. It is also impossible to work with the same proficiency on a pocket based device as is achievable on a computer.
  10. Oh OK. Turns out one of my pcs is actually win10 and I didn't know for some reason so I really should have checked instead of wasting your time. Sorry about that. I also just noticed applications are closed! I was a bit late but I'll definitely have to take the opportunity should it arise again!
  11. That's cool "things...happen" all the time :) I shall be waiting with baited breath. Gives me more time to send bribes. *cough* I mean... I do not condone bribery in any form. *cough* Cookie anyone?

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