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Minecraft Adventure Map Terra Swoop Force - An Arcadey Minecraft Adventure Map (Minecraft Java)

Discussion in 'Creations' started by Noxite, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. I was replaying this yesterday so I finished the map AND got the secret suit. When I relogged the next day the secret suit was gone so I redid the whole map (admittedly it took me literally 3 minutes to get to the bore drill as I had been speedrunning it the whole previous day) but Its annoying that you don't keep the unicorn suit if you relog
  2. It actually should keep the suit when you relog... most likely a de-sync bug of some sort, that's pretty weird.
  3. Still work for a 1.12 Minecraft Server ?
  4. It's only updated to 1.11 currently :)
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  5. Just one question, what alarm sound effects did you use in the bore drill hatch opening sequence ce. I'm talking about the buzzer and the Bloop rising alarm.
  6. Can it work on 1.11.2 or only 1.11
  7. 1.11.2 will be fine.

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