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Minecraft Adventure Map Terra Swoop Force - An Arcadey Minecraft Adventure Map (Minecraft Java)

Discussion in 'Creations' started by Noxite, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. The game crashes when I try to even enter the world...
  2. never mind I lowered my render distance and it works
  3. Updated for Minecraft 1.11! :)
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  4. I have seen some youtubers play this incredible looking map but unfortuanatly at spawn when I click fire up the teleporter nothing happens :( please tell me how to fix this so I can play your map!!!
  5. Hey! I just noticed the download link was directing to an older version of the map on Curse. I have fixed the link now and you should be able to find the correct version ;)

    Just re-download!
  6. Thanks so much :)
  7. :( I am using the new 1.11 download and the teleporter at the beggining of the map still is not working!!!
  8. After you right click the sign, you must then walk into the particles that appear. Are you doing that?
  9. I have come across an issue where every block, not including entities or particles, appear black and do not render. Any way to fix this?
  10. How did you guys get it to automatically explode you when you touch a block on the course but not the spawn? Im trying to make a map similar to yours and would like to know :)
  11. I would love to download and play this game, but can't cause I keep getting auth.curse.com issue and it just won't load... can someone help pls :D
  12. that last flying bit was oine of the hardest things i have done in a while... rage quit after 30mins of trying :D
  13. Don't do that, you'll miss the amazing end :p
  14. The game knows whether you're in a tunnel or not based on your location on the map. The Base Camps and crystal cavern are exempt from the Killamatron because they are not within the coordinates specified by the machine.
  15. Love this map, played through it several times. But just recently noticed something off with a few of your models. No other issues with the map, just for some reason these 2 models make the blocks they are on transparent.

  16. I just double checked, I am not having that issue on the 1.11.2 version of the map. What version are you playing on?
  17. since this map is updated to 1.11 does that mean you added rockets to help the player in case they need it
  18. Yes, you just have to buy a big rocket and firmly tape your computer to it. Then launch it (preferably in an outdoor environment) and all your troubles for beating the map are blasted away.
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  19. I'm on 1.11.2 as well. I've tried it with Optifine on and off, with no other mods running. Tried messing with graphic settings as well. No clue why this happens, as its only these 2 models that have this issue.

    EDIT: Fixed it. Didn't realize there was an option in forge to disable block culling for stairs and slabs.
    #240 m1zark, Feb 9, 2017
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2017

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