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Minecraft Adventure Map Terra Swoop Force - An Arcadey Minecraft Adventure Map (Minecraft Java)

Discussion in 'Creations' started by Noxite, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. [​IMG]

    Noxcrew would like to proudly present you with Terra Swoop Force!
    An arcade adventure map made for Minecraft 1.9 (Now updated to 1.11)!

    You are a member of a special task force that has been hired by Geo Descent Labs. Your mission is to to discover what happened to the Terra Scooper bore-drill and it's crew when it mysteriously vanished once it hit the core of the earth!

    You'll have to glide down to the centre of the earth using the lab's new technology: The Thermal Flight Armor 1541 (Attached with the Minecraft 1.9 Elytras!) But of course, gliding downwards at insanely fast speeds isn't as easy as it sounds... So, are you tough enough? Can you handle the speed? Then enlist to the Terra Swoop Force today!​


    • Play on Minecraft Version 1.11 (Please do not play on any other version or it may not work!)

    • All music is created by Noxcrew and is completely royalty free, meaning you’re completely safe when recording videos!

    • Just read all the information supplied with the download of the map and you'll be set to play!

    • The map is completely Vanilla, no mods are required!

    • The map will provide you with around 30-60 minutes of gameplay, perhaps beyond depending on your skill level and how much of the extra bits you want to complete!

    • Made for 1-10 players





    Map Created by:
    Noxite: https://twitter.com/AlmightyNoxite
    Avondale: https://twitter.com/avondale1718

    Writing & Sounds by:
    Noxite: https://twitter.com/AlmightyNoxite

    Redstone by:
    Avondale1718: https://twitter.com/avondale1718

    Music By:
    Isaac Wilkins (Epic Landlord): https://twitter.com/EpicLandlord

    Graphics, 3D Models & Textures By:
    Skyao: https://twitter.com/Skyao_
    Arsenic: https://twitter.com/ArsenicShark

    Builds By:
    E_Mouse: https://twitter.com/e__mouse
    TheMCFarmer: https://twitter.com/TheMCfarmer
    Thonax: https://twitter.com/RealThonax
    Snugglez: https://twitter.com/MasterProbeats
    Madraver: https://twitter.com/TheAwesomeBowey
    Skyao: https://twitter.com/Skyao_
    Vaxuite: https://twitter.com/Vaxuite
    Arsenic: https://twitter.com/ArsenicShark
    Gregan: https://twitter.com/Gregan25
    Jammy: https://twitter.com/jamster338
    Hyrron: https://twitter.com/Hyrron
    Grace: https://twitter.com/OCGraceRL

    Voice Acting By:
    GDL Announcements Voice - Adoxographist: https://twitter.com/AdoxTalks

    Ely (TFA-1541) Voice - LaurenJuliet: https://twitter.com/KGLaurenJuliet

    Sasha (The Receptionist) - Zaepora: https://twitter.com/ChristasCraft

    Barney (Lost Crew Member) - xILubez: https://twitter.com/xILubez

    Alan Columbus - Noxite: https://twitter.com/AlmightyNoxite

    Random Scientists: Noxite, Avondale1718 & ArsenicShark

    Big Thank you to our Community Moderators:
    Noctis_Mori: https://twitter.com/Noctis_Mori
    The_NeonGhost: https://twitter.com/The_NeonGhost
    Burning: https://twitter.com/BurningT_

    Also thanks to Mewulf, our Server tech:
    Mewulf: https://twitter.com/mewulf
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  2. finallly! i will play right now!
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  3. Never before has a pumpkin flown.. until now.
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    To clarify, i also posted this comment on youtube.
    I just feel it needed to be here too.
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  5. [​IMG]
    The Stan Room (Theres a few more signs)

    Got lost trying to find Alan.

    UPDATE: Seriously, Where is Alan? Am I the only one who can't find him?

    UPDATE: Just saw the stairs...
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  6. And here I thought the map is too hard but atleast I managed to find the first tunnel... To crash into 100 times but still...
  7. Bug found. I left the game, joined it again and now I am not dying when I crash.
  8. This is a known bug, and is related to playing it in "Open to LAN" mode. You'll need to redownload the map, click "Open to LAN" mode right when you start it, and make sure to reopen the LAN port if you ever quit the map.

    This is due to a Minecraft bug that I can't control unfortunately.
  9. Grats on the gr8 map m8. i r8 8/8 for this, no h8 with tons on the pl8 to 8.
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  10. Man, this is such an awesome idea! It's a great map and the assets are phenomenal. I really want to like this map, but Minecraft is just terrible and doesn't render fast enough. I cannot for the life of me get through the last tunnel because it consistently doesn't render blocks that I end up crashing into. Again, I freaking love this and it's so much fun to play. Minecraft is just frustrating things.
  11. Try real hard to tough it out, make sure you're Open to LAN because that helps. If you miss the end of the map you'll regret it, I promise.
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  12. Thanks bud. I'll do my best.
  13. Perfect 5/7 would build again.
  14. Hey everyone! I just finished the map legit, and let me just say;

    the third tunnel! My god guys! So ridiculously hard! :p

    I'm usually very busy, but you guys conveniently released this map when I had a once-in-a-blue-moon empty afternoon... So I wasted said afternoon playing this map.

    I would like to say, I thoroughly enjoyed playing and I thought the builds were spectacular.

    However what I would like to say to everyone that's very important;

    Download Optifine for Minecraft 1.9.2 --> here's a location: http://minecraftfive.com/optifine-hd-mod/

    Install it onto Minecraft, then load up Minecraft

    Once installed, go to Options --> Video Settings --> Performance --> set chunk updates to 5

    There is a disclaimer, in that when you set the chunk update speed to maximum, your frame rate decreases. This was not a problem as my computer still stayed in frame rates well into the hundreds, but it might be a problem for you depending on your system. If you are not getting enough frame rate, allocate more RAM to Minecraft, or get a better PC.

    So yeah I wanted to share this because I figured this would be a problem for a lot of people, and this worked perfectly for me. Made the game a lot easier too :)

    Thanks for making a great map guys!

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  15. i gotta say...
    i use adblocker for most things.
    i wouldn't use it for websites like these (non-obnoxious ads) but adfly doesn't seem stable and redirected me 2 times to malware sites.
    thank god it didn't infect me. hopefully.
    adfly is extremely dangerous and i would think something like dropbox would work instead.
    the map looks great, sound sounds great, the explosions are tempting, and i feel like playing it.
    TL;DR need to change from adflu to anything else. (typo intended.) everything else awesome.
    and post-note: there seems to be no ads on this site. meh...
  16. You were right! I've now changed the shortener to another site that seems more stable!
  17. Soo i finshed this map at 1:30 in the morning and i got to say wow what a map i mean i recorded my entire playthough it just a silent playthough but it showed me a lot of what i was messing up on and i rendered a video to put up on youtube but i had to cut um ahem 35 Minutes of me just uh crashing. but after all that i found it a fun map to play and the story line was also very intresting plus the redstone work was amazing well done avondale i mean i now need to tear down the map and look at the redstone workings.
    but i have a few problems first of all like bagelsman said rendering the chunks caused a few lag spikes when i didn't need them But thats minecraft. Also if my wings just tap a block not me my wings i would lose half of my speed and just fall other then that
    +Great builds -Bit Buggy at times
    +Good Ending
    +Amazing Redstone
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  18. Thank you for this incredible map! But now I want part 2 :D
  19. so, when can i buy the music or should i just rip it from the resource pack?
  20. BAM! Now available ;)


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