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Terra Sweep [Playsound MB]

Discussion in 'Projects Discussion' started by Boy17000, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. Hello Best NoxCrew, as i have played through you're map, i have realised
    that the resource pack uses its custom world sound. and keeps repeating even tho its a long sound.
    i'd think above 1minute?. if so it means it should acctualy freeze, the game for 10sc. but it doesnt at all?
    how come this is.

    cuz on my server. with custom sound also above 1 minute, keeps freezing everyone thats supossed to hear it. and freezes for 10sc, then they hear it and are for the rest fine.

    Please help if possible.
  2. Hi!

    In the .json file that accompanies the sound in the resource pack, there's an option to set "stream" to true or false. When it's set to true, the sound is loaded into memory when the resource pack is loaded instead of when the file is played, which prevents this delay.

    Hope that helps!
  3. [what i got going on]
    1 file has been re-edited (Mob-Husk Death.ogg,hurt.ogg,)
    i have just kind of learned how to create a sound.json, but i only got it working for the death sound,
    "mob.husk": {
    "category": "music",
    "sounds": [
    "name": "mob/husk",
    "stream": true
    but i coulnt find a way to have its hurt sound also to work.
    but for now when i play the Death sound of the husk i lagg around 2.8sc then it works fine further
    please correct me if anything is worng.
  4. https://gyazo.com/1763bb96c17ec74e550554d4b6957a5b
  5. What sound are you trying to play here?

    It looks like you need to specify the death/hurt sound. (mob.husk.hurt) for example and then it will be (mob/husk/hurt).
    I don't have a Java Minecraft json on hand, but it definitely looks like you're trying to play the whole folder of sounds that belong to a husk there, if that's even possible...
  6. ah i found out thanks!, but is there any possible way that i can like play it in a certain area?
    such as the /fill command uses 2 coordinates to fill that whole area, but then that area is done with sound, and is played
    in that certain area?
    [Example] "/fill 100 10 194 111 55 134" <--- The Fill Command is selecting that area, but
    then if anything like it or similar is possible like "/playsound 100 10 194 111 55 134"
    if so please How do i!?, or if there is any plugin like it,
  7. Probably worth your time researching selectors. You can specify where a player would have to be for a command to effect them. For example, @a[x=0,y=0,z=0,r=10] would hit any players within 10 blocks of the coordinate 0,0,0. You can also use dx dy dz instead of "r" to define a cuboid in which players are detected.

    Doing this with sound you need to be clever though. What happens if a player leaves while the sound is played? Should they still hear it when they leave? What if someone enters just after the sound has been played? What if the sound overlaps?

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