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Terra: Fall Detection

Discussion in 'Projects Discussion' started by Boy17000, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Best Noxcrew, im Boy17000
    age 15.
    beside's that. im working on my project. hosted on an server
    but we saw ur creation! And efry singel member of my team was.
    suprised and amazed!!!!!! we straight started to play your map.
    how ever now we finaly saw the whole map looked around gained
    some treasurs. we wanted to know

    (How Did u Make An Detection That Detects People When They Hit The Floor
    They Straight Up Die!)

    We Have Been Flying around with Freecam to try finding some reasons
    we have been on this for 2 days to try finding it and nothing helped.

    by this I Gladly Ask in The Name Of "Builders Service"
    May we Know The Command For Falling Detection!

    Gr. Boy17000
    Host Of Builder Service
  2. Hi!

    It's actually a series of commands. The commands first check to see if you're actually in a tunnel. The area containing the tunnel is outlined by the commands. For example, a selector of @a[x=0,y=0,z=0,dx=100,dy=100,dz=100] would select every player between the coordinates of 0,0,0 and 100,100,100. I used this selector to "tag" every player inside that box as being on the ground. Once it knows who is on course, it applies a score to all the people on the ground. I can't copy the exact command at the moment, but it's something like this: "/scoreboard players set @a[tag=OnGround] Kill 1 {OnGround:1b}". I then run the death message module on the players with a Kill score of 1, then kill them, then reset their score.

    It sounds more complicated than it actually is. You just need to think of what you want to happen, imagine how it would need to happen in slow motion, and then carry it out at top speed.

    Hope that helped!
  3. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Thank you. for it i kind of use now an block detector walk system.
    that detects u walking on an spcific block.

    but would it be possible if i could have an map of Terra-Force where i could go in Creative
    and fly around the command blocks to have a look on it my self?

    if this aint possible im deeply sorry for asking it.

    Gr. Build Service, Boy17000
  4. I suggest going to Start LAN server - Cheats ON - Open LAN server
  5. Start LAN Server - Cheats : ON - Have fun
  6. Got to bear this in mind if you want to use the map in Creative mode

  7. On personal experience, I tried this out and all I got was a non stop loop of Noxite speaking...
  8. i tried it but it tp's me back to the Fully Begin where i can Test the sound and See if i Got The Resource pack Working.
  9. [SOLVED]

    Ive Made Program DCRMc. It Allows Me To Fly Around In Spectator Mode and Able's me to acces Command Blocks

    Its kind of like The Mod Ghost. But This Helped Me alot I saw all Things that are Doing and straight what came up in my mind was.

    These People have done this all And this Might Of Took Them Months Years!!!

    I Realy Love Efry Singel Thing u Guys Did Well Done!!!!

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