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Minecraft Mini-Game Summer Mini Games Festival - A free roam mini games/survival map! (Minecraft Marketplace)

Discussion in 'Creations' started by Noxite, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. The Minecraft Better Together update will bring these maps to console, but I believe it's going to the Nintendo Switch and not the WiiU,unfortunately.
  2. Hi, welcome to the forums! We have the ability to put our stuff on anything running the "Bedrock Engine" version of Minecraft, which currently includes Mobile Devices (phones and tablets), Windows 10 PCs, Apple TV, Fire TV, Gear VR, stuff like that. With the Better Together Update coming soon tm, Bedrock moves to Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, the Wii U didn't make the list for that update, so we can't put the skin pack there. But personally, I can highly recommend picking up a Nintendo Switch if it's a possibility for you. It's my favorite system I own :)

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