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PNG Armor Stand Damage Durability

Discussion in 'Projects Discussion' started by Boy17000, Dec 20, 2016.

  1. Hello, NoxCrew.

    Im Sorry to Ask, but ive seen that the Items Use Photo's.

    I know PNG with damage Value. but how did u spawn a armor stand with on its hat a Item.
    Thats Damaged With a Spcific number.

    Gr. Boy17000
  2. Hello!
    So this is done by a summon command of the armorstand and resource pack my advice is to go and learn it as you need to understand how to do resource packs, json coding for the item damage then the command need ingame.
  3. thats what im asking im done with my own resource pack, well atleast my member made it
    Credits: Danny48
    But The PNG on a Armor Stand is what i need to know...
  4. learn it. you have access to the largest resource in the world called the internet.
  5. so ur the kind if person who leave's new people that dont know much (And Already Have Searched Efry Where.) with bare hands
    u know Stu133. I Made This Thread So Some1 Could Tell me What The Command For it was. Not To tell me Or Any Of My Members
    To Search It up As We Already Tried.
  6. First you need to create something like this in the resource pack.
    "parent": "item/handheld",
    "textures": {
    "layer0": "items/wood_hoe"
    },"overrides": [
    {"predicate": {"damage": 0.015},"model": "gameshow/RASAPV"}

    Then the command
    /summon armor_stand ~ ~ ~1 {Invisible:1, ArmorItems:[{},d, {}, {Count:1,id:Itemnamehere,Damage:1}]}

    This is all stuff you can learn on the internet like i did you just need to look.

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