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On Ground

Discussion in 'Projects Discussion' started by Boy17000, Dec 25, 2016.

  1. Sorry For This,

    But I Realy Would Like To Know All Basic Steps

    To Detect Some1 Thats walking or standing on a block such as

    Terra-Sweep tp's u back when u arent flying anymore

    id Realy wanna know the basics of how to do it my self

  2. Terrible video but gives you the rough idea. If you are not satisfied you could always Google search for a better one. That's how I found that.
  3. not realy what i seeked for cuz like

    a scoreboard movement testfor it detects when u stand on a block or walk on a block in a "Area!" not efry where. but in a Spcific "Area" and that
    the scoreboard movements will go up and if it reaches lets say 5 cuz the points go realy fast it straights tp's u back But only if u walk on a block
    in a Spcific Area Not out of it.
  4. Im sorry but the thing Joyda linked does exactly what you want. It does test for everywhere because it tests for that block. From the tutoral you can see how he does it. All you do is change for example the speed one to the teleport and then it works.
  5. yes but it isnt what i kind of ment, i ment that it doesnt Detect "Efry where" that u stand on a block but In a Area not "Efry where"
  6. Can I check: what is the effect you're trying to achieve? Do you want to teleport anyone on the ground in an area? Or do you want to teleport anyone on a specific block? I'm not quite sure what you're looking to do.
  7. i want that people standing in a spcific area get tp'ed back.

    just like when ur flying in terra force and u jump with elytra and u fall and get tp'ed back
  8. i want players getting tp'ed that stand in a area on any kind of block
  9. These are the commands that you'll need. area_x, area_y, are_z, area_dx, area_dy, area_dz, tp_x, tp_y and tp_z are values you'll need to fill in yourself.

    /scoreboard objectives add Flying stat.aviateOneCm
    /execute @a[score_Flying_min=1] ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~-1 ~ minecraft:air 0 scoreboard players tag @p add InAir
    /execute @a[area_x,area_y,area_z,dx=area_dx,dy=area_dy,dz=area_dz,score_Flying_min=1,tag=!InAir] ~ ~ ~ say Crashed
    /tp @a[area_x,area_y,area_z,dx=area_dx,dy=area_dy,dz=area_dz,score_Flying_min=1,tag=!InAir] tp_x tp_y tp_z
    /scoreboard players reset @a[score_Flying_min=1] Flying
    /scoreboard players tag @a remove InAir
  10. it doesnt work
  11. Could u help me. do it at my server?
  12. it doesnt work, could u help me at my server with it?
  13. When you say "It doesn't work", what have you tried so far?
  14. i first did reapting command block /execute @a[score_Flying_min=1] ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~-1 ~ minecraft:air 0 scoreboard players tag @p add InAir

    i made the scoreboard flying ofcourse

    then in 2e command block /execute @a[-321_x,1_y,72_z,dx=40_dx,dy=2_dy,dz=46_dz,score_Flying_min=1,tag=!InAir] ~ ~ ~ say Crashed

    3e command block /tp @a[-321_x,1_y,72_z,dx=40_dx,dy=2_dy,dz=46_dz,score_Flying_min=1,tag=!InAir] tp_-336 tp_4 tp_77-336 3 7

    all other things i didnt do cuz i thoug they only ware to reset the score's
  15. 1) You've replaced half of the variable names I gave you. For instance, you've taken "area_x" and only replaced the "area" with your coordinate, leaving the "_x". That means the game is now trying to use the x value "-321_x", which isn't a number. You've done this (only replacing part of the variable name) for every variable.
    2) Those other things you didn't do? You need to do them. They're what make the system work out that you've crashed.

    Otherwise, well done. You've made a system to tell you how far somebody's flown in centimetres.

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