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Noxsquad Game Night - Minecraft UHC #034 - 28/05/16

Discussion in 'Noxcrew Gamenights - 2016' started by Burning, May 26, 2016.

  1. [​IMG]
    Probably one of the most nerve-wrecking Minecraft games you'll ever play, the suspense on having a long and enjoyable caving trip underground could lead into bloodshed when poking your head out to the surface. Be ready to fight, and prepare to slay!​


    Who's invited?
    And anyone else you want to bring along.

    When is it?
    28th May 2016, 8:30pm BST
    (19:30 UTC, 3:30pm EDT)

    Where do I join?

    The Noxcrew Teamspeak server: voice.noxcrew.com
    (I'll hand out Minecraft server IP when I'm ready)
    Confused? Here's a guide on how to install TeamSpeak3 and join the voice comm server, it's easy!: LINK
    Game Information

    Created by Mindcrack back in 2012, Ultra Hardcore is a concept which introduced the simple idea of turning natural regeneration off; this means that even with a full hunger bar you can't regain hearts and the only way to heal are through items that do so such as golden apples and health potions. The game has now evolved into a PvP game in which you carry out your basic Minecraft survival, except you have to prepare yourself for battle against other players and fight to the death.

    Game Installation

    All you need is 1.8 Minecraft, but I suggest the latest versions (1.8.7 and 1.8.8) for the least bugs possible.

    Game Specifics

    Open Time: 8:30pm BST
    Start Time: 8:45pm BST
    • Stock-Up: Each time a player dies, all players currently alive will gain 1 empty heart container each time. This will be enabled after I stop accepting respawns.
    Team Size: Free-For-All
    (please refer the the FAQ below if there are questions about possible teammates.)

    Map Size:
    Grace Period: 20 minutes from start.
    Meetup: 75 minutes
    Permaday: 10 minutes before meetup.
    Skill Points: On (what are Skill Points?)

    Golden Heads:
    On (3 hearts)
    Enderpearl Damage: On
    Absorption: Off
    Uber Apples: On
    Nether: On
    Strength: Off

    Horse Armour: Off
    Horse Healing: Off
    Horse Riding: On
    Horse Spawning: On

    Forting: Allowed (until meetup)
    Stealing: Allowed
    Stalking: Not allowed (until PvP is enabled)
    Indirect PvP: Not allowed (until PvP is enabled)
    Towering: Allowed (until meetup)

    Blast Mining: Allowed
    Strip Mining: Not Allowed
    Staircasing: Allowed
    Rollercoasting: Allowed
    Pokeholing: Not Allowed


    1. Be considerate to other players

    No salt, even if you die in a stupid way or even if someone breaks the rules; lashing out could lead to a temporary ban.

    2. Full Bright is allowed

    Originally I didn't allow this, but this time I feel like letting you have it enabled won't mean much. After all, if you use full bright and don't bother lighting up your caves, don't go complaining to me about the mob rates.

    3. Only allowed mods are Optifine and a Co-Ords mod

    If you are unsure if a mod you use is allowed, read the FAQ below and find the appropriate question.

    4. Please be patient and co-operate with me

    UHC is a really stressful thing to host as there are so many things that need switching on and off and many configs to be adjusted etc. If something goes wrong or is a little delayed, please bare with me and don't spam the chat or keep asking "can we start?"
    I'll be spectating most games just to check on everyone and everything, but if I ever play any of these games it may take me longer as I'm trying to play the game as well as host it, which is even more paranoia for me.

    5. Please do not spoil when spectating

    If you die, I will allow you to spectate, but please try and keep the chat hidden away from spoiling to others as it may result in a temporary ban. This includes spoiling upon death

    6. If you can't play the whole game, don't play at all

    If you're going out somewhere in the middle of the game and you know you'll have to leave half way through, what's the point in joining? There's only one game a night, you either play it or you don't. If you're being dragged out by your parents or someone out of the blue, I understand. Also, if you're going AFK to just have dinner something, you can either stay in game shifted, unshifted, or log off the server, but if you don't return by meetup then I'll have to disqualify you.

    7. Don't cheat

    No form of hacking in any way and don't use F3 + A spam either to find players as it's unfair to those hiding underground. Vanilla X-Ray machines aren't allowed either.

    8. Have fun!

    I will smack you with a spoon if you don't.


    It depends on the team size. If it's an FFA game, you don't need to have or join TeamSpeak. If you can find a teammate(s) who can't use TeamSpeak either, you may team with them, but you will have to find this player(s) yourself, I will not hook you up with other "mutes" for you.

    Golden heads are a feature that encourages PvP and rewards you when you get kills. When I player dies, they will drop their head on the ground as an item among their loot and inventory., you can use this head to craft a Golden Head, which is crafted the same way as a Golden Apple, except placing the player's head in the middle rather than an apple, the Golden Head will look like a Golden Apple but is custom named to Golden Head and, unlike Golden Apples, they aren't stackable.

    A golden head typically heals 4 hearts to the player who eats it, but the amount of hearts that a golden head can heal are able to be modified, as well as how the heads drop and what type of deaths cause heads to drop. (e.g. Some heads can be on a fence post upon death, some heads can heal 3 hearts, some heads will only drop upon kills and not PvE deaths etc.)

    Meetup is when players must get out of their caves and holes and immediately head towards 0,0. You are considered at meetup when you are, at most, at a 100 block radius away from 0,0. You will not be teleported to meetup, so you have to make your way there yourself so this way you can get yourself pumped and ready to fight, as well as give you a chance to use the terrain to your advantage.

    When meetup is called, you cannot stop to smelt, enchant, anvil, craft or anything of the like (unless you do it very quickly), basically anything that slows you down all stalls for time when you are heading to 0,0. When you are at meetup, you are not allowed to go up into towers, dig down, or run away outside of the area.

    Then you have two options, which will be carried in sequence: The first is that, those who cannot fetch a team for themselves, will be randomly teamed with others who can't find a teammate as well (if you do not have, or can't use TeamSpeak if you are under this situation, then I will ask you to leave the server).

    The second option is that I will allow team sizes that are one less than the one given in the post if it comes to it. For example, if the given size is a team of 3, then I will allow you to make a team of 2, however, I would please love it if you showed up with a team of the given size or at least try to. Don't just show up and say: "we'll just be a team of two", because there might be a chance I throw in a random individual who has no other teammates to that team of two to make a team of three. This second option is only here as a "leftover" plan, not something you can just walk in and do.

    If you worry about being randomly put on a team with someone you're not happy to team with, you'll either have to suck it up or leave the server before teams are randomised/made. I don't want to frustrate myself by breaking up teams and moving people because someone doesn't like one person.

    If you're unsure, make a comment on this post or message me what your mod(s) is and what it does and I'll let you know if you can use it or not. A few mods I can give examples of which cannot be used are Minimaps, X-Ray or any hacked clients (duh) and Better Sprint.

    Stripmining is digging in a straight line. It's typically disabled so people can't just tunnel underground avoiding all danger while still getting geared up.

    Staircasing is, well, mining out a staircase, and will sometimes have restrictions on where you can start mining out your staircase.

    Rollercoasting is digging a staircase in a zig-zag pattern. Basically, you dig a staircase down, and when you're at the "bottom" of you're staircase you dig another staircase up, and when you reach the "top" you once again dig a staircase down from there and the cycle repeats. Diagram

    Pokeholing is standing still in one spot and digging as for as you can reach while in a mine or at the end of a cave, the only time I'll accept the use of pokeholing is at the end of a cave because there's a chance there may be more cave behind it. Only other times I'll accept it is if you have a good enough reason to do it that isn't just finding ores. Demonstration GIF

    Blast mining is using explosives such as TNT or TNT Minecarts and the like to do the dirty work for ya'

    If it doesn't make the game complicated, then I can give you a respawn if you chose to; you will be teleported close to your team (if it's a teams game) but you will lose 3 hearts as a penalty (after final heal/feed). I will only respawn you once, and I will only allow respawns for players up until PvP is enabled.

    If you have to go and leave the game all of a sudden without notice, please kill yourself in-game, let a teammate kill you, or have me /kill you. This way you are able to leave your items, levels and head behind for other players if they were to find it. Also, please let me know before hand.

    If you know you're going to leave half-way through the game, I'd prefer it if you didn't play altogether since you'd be a waste of a slot and placement for a team you're on.

    If you leave the game and not return without any good reason as to why, they may be consequences.

    If you are to go AFK, you can log off if you choose, but if you're not back before meetup, you are disqualified.

    Any other questions you want to ask which can't be answered here, please let me know. Other than that, hope to see you all there! :3
  2. This can't end well.

    Of course, i say this about every UHC
    Just make sure it isn't as messed up as last week Burning
  3. Wait, what happened last week?
  4. Stuff went wrong I couldn't fix.
  5. Sounds like a regular UHC session :D
  6. 30 Mins more! :D
  7. Life is hard
    Sometimes you have to make tough decisions
    Like whether to play UHC or watch X-Men Apocalypse
    Well I chose the movie
    Sad to miss this UHC
  8. you missed the TRAP kill, and the GudGuh backstab.
    anyone else see any notable kills?
  9. Emerric got 7.
  10. Winner is Emerric!

    Final killboard:

    Skill Points revealed:
    - Badlion

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