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NoxSquad Build Server

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Noctis, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. You asked, we delivered, The NoxSquad now has its own build server!!! Go give Mewulf a big hug and thank him.

    IP: mc.noxcrew.com:30171

    Now, just because you have a fancy new server to play with doesn't mean you can go crazy. There are a few rules to follow just to keep everything nice and fair for people and stop griefing:

    • First rule of NoxSqaud build server, Don't talk about the NoxSquad build server
    • Don't ask for op. Unless you have proven yourselves not to abuse it, you will not get it
    • No griefing. trolling etc. Think goes without saying but incidents will be dealt with
    • Be polite to each other - No inappropriate language
    • Don't build on, delete or alter anyone else's work without consulting them.
    • Don't try to lag out the server. Be wary of redstone clocks, large areas of running water or lava and other frame rate killing builds (Redstone still running will be turned off if the owner is not on the server)
    • No inappropriate or vulgar builds.
    • Try not to build too far away from each other - be reasonable with distance from spawn
    • If you want a TP set up to your build, Ask a mod and give them co-ordinates for the build
    *New rules concerning white-listing is now being implemented following a spree of griefing on the server. Everyone! Especially If you have not been on the forums/TS very long, will need a quick 5 minute meeting on TS with me (voice.noxcrew.com) before being whitelisted on to the server to ensure that the rules are understood*

    Build long and prosper NoxSquad


    *Personal request- If you have asked to be whitelisted on this thread, Don't then PM me saying the same thing. I check the forums almost hourly (except when I'm asleep or at Uni) so you will get a response within 24hrs of asking. Thank you*
    #1 Noctis, Apr 19, 2015
    Last edited: May 7, 2016
  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH...NO JOKE I LUV YOU GUYS!!! YEAH!!!
  3. Hi There

    I'd like to join the Noxcrew Build Server. I couldn't find a way of personally messaging my Ign so I'll put it here.

    My IGN is: HammySan
  4. We aim to please. :3
    But like she said give MeWulf a lovely hug.
    He likes hugs.
  5. For future reference, under the tab with your name at the top there is a link called "Conversations". You can create a new conversation and only invite certain people
  6. Thank you very much.

    I couldn't find it at all I'll remember that for the next time.
  7. Uhm just a quick question noctis. I haven't been on the server yet, so maybe this is already dealt with. How are you guys going to deal with command blocks?
  8. Command blocks can only be used by mods who I appoint and monitor.
  9. Noctis, may I join the server? My IGN is Craftbot_X
  10. -hugs mewulf- thanksz
  11. Every ign on this should have been added
  12. Its not yet. I tried and it says I have not been white-listed yet. This is my IGN: Craftbot_X.
    C r a f t b o t_X (Not spaces, just so you can spell it XD)
  13. Im DankDogescoper, addmepls
  14. You don't need to spell it like that I copy and pasted it, you should be in
  15. thank mr mewulf
  16. IGN: lotteje13
    just add me to the whitelist so i dont have to ask later when i finally have a new pc xD
  17. IGN: PlayingWithMah

    I'll probably pop on if I have a creative spur, but for right now it may not happen due to school/exams. But it means I don't have to ask later when that's all over.
  18. My IGN is: TheDarknessKing

    If I do want command blocks in my build, could I ask a moderator to place them down for me. My build wouldn't require a lot, just a few to detect players.
  19. IGN: W0lf
    im an okay builder, if you see a sky island appearing its probably mine.
  20. IGN: AngelicGrace

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