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Let's Play Series 'Noxpocalypse' Roleplay Series

Discussion in 'Creations' started by Noctis, Jun 2, 2015.

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    WATCH HERE: Episode Playlist

    The apocalypse is upon us! The world has we know it, is over, humanity has been utterly destroyed and now, only 3 men stand in its shattered wastes, tasked with starting anew and rebuilding this broken world... If only they could concentrate on it.

    Follow Noxite, DuhShronkey and Rohoolio as they try (and fail) to survive the end of the world. They'll try to restore nature, create a better society, all the while wondering just how did they get here?

    Running from 2013 to Now(ish) Noxpocalypse brings together machinima style action and desperate Minecraft survival in this odd-ball dystopian drama.

    Introduction Song


    Noxite, Shronky,Rowho

    Builders and Puppeteers:
    The Noxcrew and The Noxcrew Builders

    Taylor Grover (Digison)

    Introduction Song - Vocals
    Taylor Grover & Linda Zaal

    ModPack Manager:
    Shronky, Emouse

    3D Renders:


    Additional BuildCraft Objects v
    Advanced Genetics v 1.4.1
    Advanced Thaumaturgy v 0.0.28
    Applied Energistics rv14-finale3
    Ars Magica 2 [by Mithion] v1.1.2b
    AutoUtils [Chisel Libs] v1.0.1
    BiblioCraft v1.5.5
    BiblioWoods [Biomes o' Plenty] v1.3
    BiblioWoods [Forestry] v1.3
    BiblioWoods [Natura] v1.1
    Big Reactors v0.3.3A
    Binnie's Mods v1.8.0
    BiomesOPlenty v1.2.1.416
    Blood Magic v1.0.1d
    Buildcraft v4.2.2
    Buildcraft Tools v1.4-a-17
    Calclavia Core v1.2.0.330
    Carpenter's Blocks v2.0.8
    Chisel [Asie] v1.5.2
    CodeChickenCore v0.9.0.9
    CodeChickenLib v1.0.0.62
    CoFH Core v2.0.0.5
    denLib v3.1.35
    denLib Utils n/a
    DenPipes v2.1.18
    DenPipes-Forestry v1.1.8
    Dimensional Anchors v57.1.96
    Enchiridion v1.1
    Ender Storage v1.4.3.6
    EnderIO v1.0.2.363
    Ex Aliquo v0.10.5
    Ex Nihilo v1.29c
    Extra Cells v1.6.9b
    Extra Utilities v1.0.3c
    ExtraTiC v0.8.0
    Forestry v2.3.1.1
    Forge v9.11.1.965
    ForgeMultipart v1.0.0.250
    Galacticraft Core v2.0.12.1010
    Galacticraft Mars v2.0.12.1010
    GraviGun v2.0.0
    Greg's Lighting v1.9.1
    GrowthCraft [Apples] v2.0.6
    GrowthCraft [Bamboo] v2.0.6
    GrowthCraft [Cellar] v2.0.7
    GrowthCraft [Core] v2.0.6
    GrowthCraft [Fishtrap] v2.0.6a
    GrowthCraft [Grapes] v2.0.6
    GrowthCraft [Hops] v2.0.6
    GrowthCraft [Rice] v2.0.6
    Hardcore Ender Expansion v1.5a
    iChunUtil v2.4.0
    Immibis Core v57.2.0
    Inventory Tweaks v1.5.7-dev-b95
    Iron Chests v5.4.1.702
    Jabba v1.1.3
    Magical Crops v3.2.0_BETA_15a
    Mariculture v1.2.1e
    Mekanism v6.0.4.35
    Mekanism Generators v6.0.4.35
    Mekanism Tools v6.0.4.35
    MFFS v3.6.2.67
    Micdoodle8 Core v2.0.12.1010
    MineFactory Reloaded v2.7.9-final
    Mobius Core v1.2.1
    Modular Powersuits v0.10.0-100
    Modular Powersuits Addons v1.6.4-887
    Morph v0.7.1
    MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod v3.2.9.2
    Natura v2.1.14
    NEI Addons v1.10.4.64
    NEI Plugins v1.1.0.6
    Nether Ores [Skyboy Fork] v2.2.2-55
    Not Enough Items v1.6.1.9
    Not Enough Keys v0.0.4
    Numina v0.1.2-57
    Obsidiplates v2.0.0.15
    OpenBlocks v1.2.8-snap-379
    OpenModsLib v0.4-snap-196
    Plugins for Forestry v3.2.30-hotfix
    PowerCrystals Core v1.1.8-9
    Project Red: Base v4.3.5.30
    Project Red: Compat v4.3.5.30
    Project Red: Integration v4.3.5.30
    Project Red: Lighting v4.3.5.30
    Project Red: Mechanical v4.3.5.30
    Project Red: World v4.3.5.30
    QuarryPlus vDOL-1.0.3
    Railcraft v8.4.0.0
    Random Things v1.9
    Redstone Arsenal v1.0.0.0
    Reliquary v1.1.2b
    Simply Jetpacks v0.1.4.1
    Small Boats v0.10.6
    Statues v2.1.1
    Steve's Carts v2.0.0.b11
    Steve's Factory Manager vA83
    Sync v2.2.1
    The Twilight Forest v1.20.5
    Thermal Expansion v3.0.0.7
    TiC Tooltips v1.1.6
    Tinker's Construct v1.5.5.7
    Tinker's Mechworks v0.1.6
    Translocator v1.1.0.15
    Universal Electricity API v3.1.0.92
    VoxelMap (aka Zan's Minimap) v1.6.4
    Waila v1.5.2
    Waila Harvestability v1.0.1
    Witchery v0.18.2
    World Core v1.1.0.17
    WRCBE v1.4.0.7
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  2. we gonna see a return to this? just wondering.
    also. crash landings a good modpack too.
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  3. i miss that theme song... was a good theme song
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