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Archive Anarchy - A Noxsquad Community Game

Discussion in 'Community Gameshow Game Ideas' started by Dwittyy, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. Too good for you ;)
  2. Oh god now that I look at the before/after...wow that was a lot of lamps. Sorry! Ha!

    Might add a couple more to the walls because they look a bit dark. Will you guys be comfortable with that? :p
  3. its your build, not theirs... build it how YOU like it best :)
  4. sure..
  5. RIP lamps

    I liked the game when I played it. The only problem I saw is that by pressing each button in the control room in order over and over, the runner could bypass the pertaining obstacle with ease. I believe the runner(when I played) only had to ask me to specifically test and find the correct button once.
  6. Originally there were no buttons at all, and the parkour was doable without them. But, the addition of them means the controller has a more important job to do, and the parkourer requires teamwork to complete it. It's a dynamic I quite like, the controller helps the parkourer and then also the searcher, but not at the same time.

    By pressing all the buttons, some would actually sabotage the parkourer (knocking them off). Plus they might not be ready. It's a small thing, but having to deduce the correct button adds an extra layer of teamwork to the game.
  7. Hi guys, now this is something to think about for the future, but applys greatly to this game.

    So if you are making games for the fun of making games then continue, I like the way you guys are working, but, there is a problem if you are making them for the noxcrew gameshow.

    So during season 1 we came to notice there is something we dont want to have in games as much anymore. That is the turn based games. For the episodes it often makes them take a long time (except pyramid as its so short) but this makes it doubley difficult in post production.
    The other format of gameshow is NGS live that is coming soon. This format will mean that a team who is sitting out can watch the stream and find out how to do it. The other thing for NGS live is there will most likely only be 2 cameras, so games that require more wont be filmable.

    These shouldnt stop you from making games, but its something to think about if you want to make a working game for Noxcrew :) you guys are almost there with it :)
  8. Suggestion for making the controller role a teensy bit more important: for parkour, at certain stops where a button is needed to get across, add a sabotage where the player would be standing/waiting. Then they would have to figure out which button is which and hit the right one. Also seems a more fitting spot for a sabotage, where it can actually sabotage more likely.
  9. You mean games where its not 2 roles for each team (mayan hunt, bathtime, etc), but ones where its each team doing the same thing at separate times (sands of time, pyramid, etc)? Just for clarification...
  10. ye, so any game where a team sits out. I mean the turn based games with different roles still apply to the long episode/ hard post production, but are feasible for NGS live
  11. [​IMG]

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