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2 Years in the Madhouse

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Paradox, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. Hullo!

    You may want to grab a cuppa. This is going to take a while.

    From today (the 30th September 2017), It's been 2 whole years since I joined, and may I see it has certainly been a wild ride, with so many awesome people, I did things I never believe I would, I'm commentating for the Noxsquad Gameshow, I participate in game nights with so many of my friends, and every day I look forward to coming online to talk to everyone, it's just such a great and fun thing for me to do, I’ve laughed, cried, made inappropriate quotes, and everything in between, and I love how many people I’ve made friends with, but let's go back to a time where I didn't have any friends on here, to a time where I was a recently departed from FyreUK, and where I didn't know anyone, or what I was even doing. The time I am talking about is two years ago on this very day. September 30th, 2015. The day this awesome, amazing, breathtaking journey started for me, the day I found Burnings UHC.

    It all started on a cold September day in 2015, I was a bored teenager looking for something to do, and something to fill my recently emptied time. I used to be a FyreUK builder but the build group unfortunately stopped, and I felt it was an appropriate time to move on, and find somewhere else, so I said my farewells and packed my bags, and dived back into the world of online communities. It was a few weeks from when FyreUK stopped, to me finding the Noxcrew, and I remember the specific day I found it. I was bored on YouTube, and after scrambling through my ‘suggested videos’ I found a video called ‘Noxcrew Monthly Project Roundup - September 2015’ it caught my eye because, I wanted to apply for the Noxcrew Gameshow months prior, but I could never find a team. So I watched, and enjoyed the video, and opened the description to find a link titled ‘How to join the Noxcrews UHC’s’ and I clicked the link and read all the information on the page, I was never good at PVP, and never played a single UHC in my life but I thought why not, it’d be a laugh, so after digging through the forums, I realised that there was an event on the 4th of October, so I set a reminder on my phone, and forgot about it until that day.


    I was mindlessly browsing the internet, as I still do to this day, and my phone lit up like a Christmas tree reminding me that there was a UHC that I was planning on going to in half an hour, then I realized I was severely unprepared. I needed to re-install teamspeak, find the IP, and try to work up my courage of talking to complete strangers. So as the clock turned to 7:30 PM, I logged onto their teamspeak, and saw a room full of unfamiliar names (as I was hoping there was someone I knew from FyreUK), so with a deep breath I joined the channel, and I will never, ever forget the first words anyone spoke to me on the teamspeak. The room went dead silent, with everyone wondering who I am, until a man with the most cockney voice I've ever heard goes ‘Wait, who the f*ck are you?’ this man, in turn, was Burning, and although then I didn't realise it, me and him would become friends, and funnily enough I met him at Insomnia 59, just over a year later. But after that the chat erupted with welcomes, and general love from people welcoming me to the game, explaining the rules etc. I then had the courage to say hello and then someone immediately shouted ‘HE SPEAKS!’, which caused me to laugh, and I carried on with the UHC which was actually extremely fun, although I was terrible with my PVP skills. So, after this, I decided to attend the next one, and the one after that, and one after that, until a few weeks passed.


    Around the time of the end of October, to the start of November, I decided to take my next huge leap, I decided to start talking to people on teamspeak, other than my UHC ‘group’. So I started hanging around and eventually started to develop friendships. This was back when I had my old username, and is why my username on the forums is not Paradox_Guy, my old TeamSpeak name was The_Doctor, and that is what I was known by. It was great for the first few months, not only was I participating in my UHC’s, I was also talking to people throughout the week, it was amazing, then an event happened, that would change my life. The Noxsquad Gameshow! I loved to make things, build things in Minecraft and after I watched that live, it was a life-changing moment. I wanted to be involved, I wanted to help, and to my pleasure, I could. I didn't realize it was a public project, I thought it was only Noxcrew at the time, but as soon I found out, I joined very shortly after. I remember the day very vividly, I was greeted by an American named Shane, and he showed me around, gave me a general list of rules, and invited me to our Slack and trello, and I was excited to be involved with this brand new, exciting thing, and little did I know then that I would eventually be commentating for it, it was truly a life-changing event, that I will never forget. So, the months went by, preparing for the upcoming gameshow, until the trailer was being made. I remember me sitting there with my terrible microphone, and trying to commentate as best as I could over the video, and the end product wasn’t as bad as I thought it was, so, some time passed and then I made my first debut on the Noxcrews channel with a trailer. I was really proud of what myself and the community made, and the date of August 20th rolled around and we were ready to go live to the world.


    So, I was on in the morning, just preparing stuff, getting things ready, and of course, things broke, but we deal with them, as quickly and as best as we possibly could, until 6:30 PM rolled around, and it started. I remember being very nervous, but as the night went on, everyone started to relax more and more (except the techs, they were panicking like hell) and just like that the night was over. We all took a celebratory sigh of relief, and we all went to get some well-earned sleep. After that was done, the project went quiet for around a month, which was unusual for me, because I'm used to getting 100 channel messages, 4 slack announcements, and my inbox exploding, but now it was dead silent, but I needed to face a bigger threat 7 days later… My first Insomnia.

    The day the gaming convention rolled around, I was filled with excitement and fear for meeting the people I had talked to for so long, and 7 days earlier ran a gameshow, one of my friends was attending with me, as I was way too afraid to do it on my own, the drive up was one of sleep, as I had to get up at 6 AM to travel, but I remember seeing the NEC signs on the motorway and knowing that this was it, this was when my world changed. I walked in and was greeted by a huge crowd of people, young and old, walking around this huge expo hall, filled with everything from Minecraft to VR, everything was there, but I knew that there was one place I was looking for, The Noxcrew Booth. As I was watching the stream the previous day, I remembered they had a projection of it on the NEC wall, and while wandering around looking for it, I noticed that huge projection of Super Sky Runner on the wall. I made my way towards it, and as I saw everyone walking around, I made my way up to greet a certain fellow from my town, who goes by the name of shaun1e. I remember his first words to me was ‘I was wondering when you’d get here’ so I walked into the booth, and started playing the Noxcrew game of super sky runner, being unbelievably awkward and shy. I remember looking around, seeing all of these familiar faces standing there, all of whom I have talked to for so long, yet finally seeing all of their faces was a strange prospect to me, as for such a long time you know everyone by voice not by face it was very strange for me to figure out who one or two people were, but as I was playing I recognised people, so, what happened afterwards? After I played the Noxcrews game, I waited outside the exit, hoping that someone would see me, luckily one of the moderators The_NeonGhost noticed me, hugged me, we had a short conversation and then she proceeded to get Noxite to say hello, and keep in mind, I was still standing awkwardly by the exit, but he came over, we hugged, and I was so awkward he had to invite me back into the booth, I didn't know what to do with myself for the first 10 minutes, then not 20 minutes later, the infamous jumping gif happened, and yes, I did have a green pointy hat on, it's a long story. I met so many cool people that day, and after it was done, I came home with so many great memories, so thank you to anyone who made it possible.


    A few months passed, and nothing much happened. Game night after game night happened, we laughed, we cried, we played games, oh, and The Noxsquad Gameshow episode 3 happened. The months went by, but something was lurking in the background, an event that seemed to creep up on me, and that event was Insomnia 60. A lot of the Noxsquad were planning on going, and although I’d met people from the Noxcrew at previous events, this was the first one I was going to with a bunch of people I never met before, and for me to say I was terrified, would be an understatement. The day rolls around, and I get on a train at the ungodly hour of 5 AM to begin my 4-hour journey to Birmingham. When I arrived, I knew my way around the event like that back of my hand because I’ve been there a few days before, so I first went to meet Noctis, as she was at the weatherspoons, we talked and we hugged, and she asked if I could help bringing some of her indoor camping stuff in from their car, so I said sure, and as I got the stuff and started walking back, I had a strange sense that I was 'back home', and as Noctis and her sister were checking in, I was bravely and heroicly protecting her computer with one of her DND friends, and I had a talk him who turned out to be the tallest, and nicest person I had ever met in my life, and once they came back, I said my goodbyes and made my way into the queue. I managed to successfully get through the check-in queue without fainting in front of the check-in lady and there I was. Our group chat at this point was on fire, and they said they were in the queue, but I didn't know where. Suddenly, I heard very dim chants of my name, and I turn around to see everyone standing behind the barrier on the other side of the queue, so I quickly rush over, and meet everyone for the first time, and they were all lovely. The only problem was, I was separated from them like Rose and The Doctor were, with the only difference of it was it not being a wall….. And a different reality apart. Nonetheless, everyone was talking, and This photo was taken of me, and you can just see the terror in my eyes and my terrible superman hairstyle. I would go over everything that happened at Insomnia, but I’d spent so long talking about it, we would be here until the next Insomnia event, so I will just leave you with this lovely photo album, and let you see what we got up to.

    (Please note: This is a mix between Noxsquad and Noxcrew people, so I guess just have fun to guess who is who?)


    So yeah, that's about it, well, except from The Noxsquad Gameshow episode 4! Other than that though, the months in between nothing much happened, and that subtly brings us to today, September 30th 2017, 2 years after I saw the video that started me off in this madhouse, and what can I say, without you guys, I don't know what I’d do, and its just great to have so many people willing to talk to me everyday (like, serious, why would anyone put themselves through that?) and just be there, and play games, and let me tell you I have not regretted one bit, so I must thank each and every one of you for that.

    Anyway, now we’ve left the cheese cellars in France, I just want to thank a few people that I think are worthy of mentioning. If you’re not on the list, do not fear, I love you all the same!:

    Noxite - Without you, god knows where I’d be. Thank you for making this whole thing, and that one monthly roundup video you made. You’re the main reason I’m here, so thank you [​IMG]

    Noctis - Thank you for always being a good mate to me, and supporting me whenever I needed it. Thank you for all the game nights you’ve held along with Neon, also thanks for all the hugs you’ve given to me at Insomnia, and just always up for having a laugh, and doing great things for the community, Best community manager eva <3

    The entirety of RASA - For always talking to me, and just making me feel great day after day, some of us may have differences, but I love you all nonetheless.

    Neon - Thank you for all the amazing moderating work you do, and game nights you have hosted along with Noctis too, I enjoy them and look forward to them every week!

    Lauren - Thank you for everything you’ve done in regards to the community and more especially patron; it was literally in ruins before you came along (No offence Nox :p), but then all of a sudden you managed to turn it a complete 180, and now it is amazing, so thank you for all you’ve done with it.

    All the patrons - Love you guys, thanks for wanting to talk and being good friends (especially you tv, and stu <3)

    Burning - Thank you for hosting the UHC’s, although they may be a thing of the past as of right now, I looked forward to and loved them every single week, so thanks for being open to everyone, and making me feel welcome on my first time!

    But that's it! Well done if you’ve got this far, it's a hell of a read I know, but in case anyone cant be asked or don't have the time to read, here's a TL;DR

    TL;DR: Went from FyreUK, to Noxcrew after finding this video did some stuff, and here

    But yes. I do hope you’ve enjoyed the fun story of how I got here, it's been a hell of an adventure, and I cannot wait to see what the next years hold!

    Heres to my 3rd year anniversary!

  2. Just had the chance to read this; thank you for letting us in on your journey! I'm glad it's made such a difference to your life (and hopefully your confidence too) :) Meeting crazies off the internet is something my friends and family think I'm absolutely nuts for doing but when the people you're meeting pretty much feel like family, it's the only natural thing to do!

    Also thank you for the sweet words about Patreon - it means a lot!
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