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New Profile Posts

  1. Pixo
    Pixo Noctis
    Hey Noctis.
    Is there a way to edit forum post image (one next to title) because I've pasted it form server and then wanted to update old pics and now I got ugly black square? silly me...
    1. Noctis
      Hi Pixo, I believe to do that you click edit on the post in the forum thread (not in the post it'self) and change the URL in Thumbnail URL to one that is live (it's black because the picture that you linked got removed from Imgur for whatever reason)
      Aug 31, 2018
    2. Pixo
      Thanks for a reply
      Actually I'm the reason because I've deleted previous picture from imgur not noticing that it was linked to this post :-/
      Just wanted to update pictures from imgur.. oh well I don't see this option only thing I can do is to edit title itself no option for picture.. Maybe I will repost this?
      Aug 31, 2018
  2. DangerZachattack on MC
    DangerZachattack on MC
    got a crazy idea... Anyone interested in a mod pack in 1.7.10?
  3. DangerZachattack on MC
    DangerZachattack on MC
    looking for a guess pass...
  4. Billybo10000
    Me when I haven't been active in over two years. Heck yeah
  5. dk3dknight
    A ray of happiness on all.
  6. xSnyff
    A minecraft builder... ;)
  7. Racoonatic
    Y Like Racoons :3 and the number 3 with the flat top
  8. Mikk Q
  9. Mikk Q
    Mikk Q
    Youtube MrMikkQ
  10. YAMAN
    I need an original minecraft account please
  11. JohnDavidSantos
    always happy and ready to smile!
  12. DPGamingFoRealz
  13. yoshiyyahu
  14. KingJack008
    KingJack008 Avondale
    Now I wanted to know is the chats for the Noxcrew Gameshow on a discord or something else? Just want to know.
    1. Avondale
      When we record/stream the Noxcrew Gameshow, we use Teamspeak 3 for all our VoIP. I would imagine we would continue to do so in the future if we returned to Gameshow.
      Aug 16, 2017
  15. Hypervenom
    I am a young builder who likes building medieval,magical things and would really like to build with Noxcrew. Is that what I supposed to say.
  16. RacerXRocks
    Giving map suggestions.
  17. Bond0788
  18. LaurenJuliet
  19. Awesomekidiscool
    I am gaming boi!
  20. bestiogames
    I am created io games