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New Profile Posts

  1. Mikk Q
  2. Mikk Q
    Mikk Q
    Youtube MrMikkQ
  3. YAMAN
    I need an original minecraft account please
  4. JohnDavidSantos
    always happy and ready to smile!
  5. DPGamingFoRealz
  6. yoshiyyahu
  7. KingJack008
    KingJack008 Avondale
    Now I wanted to know is the chats for the Noxcrew Gameshow on a discord or something else? Just want to know.
    1. Avondale
      When we record/stream the Noxcrew Gameshow, we use Teamspeak 3 for all our VoIP. I would imagine we would continue to do so in the future if we returned to Gameshow.
      Aug 16, 2017
  8. Hypervenom
    I am a young builder who likes building medieval,magical things and would really like to build with Noxcrew. Is that what I supposed to say.
  9. RacerXRocks
    Giving map suggestions.
  10. Bond0788
  11. LaurenJuliet
  12. Awesomekidiscool
    I am gaming boi!
  13. bestiogames
    I am created io games
  14. Raenes
  15. Temper
    i Love Minecraft Mods
  16. AMSASH
    I just make maps on mcpe... (subscribe to me on YouTube AMSASH)
  17. Hungryredpanda
  18. Hungryredpanda
  19. thlywnally
  20. Digital_Box