Suggestion for New Minigame-(Noxcrew FC)(soccer theme[football])

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    I was watching the world cup and thinking about the Noxcrew Gameshow and I started blurting some ideas out about some wacky minigames. One of the ideas was a football-themed minigame.

    So each team has a set amount of time(10 mins,15 mins,etc.) in order to keep running laps around an obstacle course and once one member finishes a lap, it's the next teammate's turn to parkour around the course(similar to picture panic). At the end of the set time limit, the total amount of laps run is the amount of shots a team is allowed to shoot.

    This is where the football aspect comes into play. Two players from each team are picked to be a goalkeeper and a striker. The game is set up to be a penalty shootout. In front of the goal, the goalkeeper has three pressure plates in front of him. When the keeper steps on a pressure plate a block is pushed up, which is supposed to block the "ball". The striker also has three pressure plates lined up in a similar orientation and when the striker steps on the pressure plate, a ball is dispensed from a dispenser and is shot towards the goal(somehow I'm not sure). If the goalkeeper guessed correctly, the ball will be stopped by the block. If the goalkeeper guessed incorrectly, the ball should go straight into the net. I still don't know how the players will not be able to see each other's name tag. The pressure plates are lined up every other block, so three pressure plates spread amongst a six block wide goal.

    The team with the most goals after the shootout wins the minigame. Overall, the minigame would probably take quite a while, but it's just an interesting idea that i thought of. It would definitely need tweaking.

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