[Episode 6] How they could have changed Sheep Sweep

Discussion in 'Noxcrew Gameshow' started by MidScorp, Jul 27, 2014.

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    I am not annoyed at how the result changed because of this minigame, I am just suggesting a solution to the problem because these kind minigames may creep up to NoxGames again at some point.

    When I was watching both the Explanation video and EP6 Finale I realized that there was a simple solution to the Sheep Sweep game.

    First of all, the concept was not that bad. The problem was the advantage one team will have (because it will be a 1v2 situation) if they win the previous game. This problem could've been solved if some minigames where swapped. Speed Survival, for example, give no advantages to the winning team because all the things that are happening are in their own respected areas. Meaning no interference from other players.

    If the order of the 2 games swapped it would've made the gameshow even more fairer. The only problem I can see to this solution is that they have to rebuild the whole thing again.

    In the future, make sure that the NoxGames is made so that the Games with an odd number of players playing it should be ones which is not team-based.


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